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Togolese Consulate in Finland

Togolese Consulate was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 1998. The consulate's task is to act as an interface between Togo for Nordic individuals and companies and other organizations.

Consulate services

Visa: Visa to Togo regardless of applicant's nationality with a valid passport
Confirmation of the authenticity of the documents: Often in collaboration with the country's authorities
Advice: For individuals and companies


Visa types

The consulate can grant either a 30-day or a 90-day visa. Both Togo visas can be obtained as single entry (one entry into the country and one exit) or multiple entry (multiple travel in and out) visas.
Visas can be applied for: business trip or conference (Business), holiday (Tourism), visit to acquaintances (Visit) or transit (Transit).

Preparatory measures

Before applying for a visa to Togo, make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you want the visa to take effect.
Check with your doctor which vaccinations you need when traveling to Togo and which voluntary vaccinations your doctor recommends.
Check the Consulate's possible closing times before sending your application documents to the Consulate.
Book about 2 weeks for the Consulate for the processing of your visa application.

Applying for a visa

Print the visa application form (see right side) and fill in all essential information (do not forget the type of visa, validity and start date) and sign (date, place and signature with the name clarification).

Pay the visa via the bank to the Consulate's account
IBAN: FI75 8000 1070 7128 65

If you pay online, print out the receipt for the payment.

Visa prices are as follows:
30 day single entry visa: 30 euros
30 day multiple entry visa: 40 euros
90 day single entry visa: 50 euros
90 day multiple entry visa: 70 euros

Additional fees:
Postage and administrative fee: Finland 15 euros and Europe 20 euros shipping
Rapid treatment fee: 20 euros / pass (treatment within 5 working days)

Send the following documents to the Consulate:
Passport of all visa applicants (minor child documented in the passport does not need his own visa)
2. A completed and signed visa application
3. A passport photo
4. Copy of the vaccination certificate
5. Receipt of payment


Because of the COVID-19 virus situation the consulate is closed for the visitors. Mail to the consulate should be sent to the address:

Consulate of Togo
Olli Sulander
FI-01690 Vantaa

Return of the passport

When the passport is equipped with the visa, the passport will be sent, within Finland as a cash on delivery item or as a registered letter or as an express letter and to the other countries as a quick letter or registered letter, to the address stated in the application.

Contact information

Togolese Consulate

Teknobulevarden 3-5
FI-01530 Vanda

Olli Sulander
Honorary Consul
+358 20 74 66 050


Consulate's temporarily postal address because of COVID-19 is

Consulate of Togo
Olli Sulander
FI-01690 Vanda

The reception of the Consulate is at Technobulevardi 3-5, 01530 Vantaa

Visa Application Form

» Visa Application Form

1. Print on a white A4 paper 2. Fill in all requested information 3. Sign the form (name, date and city) 4. Deliver to the Consulate with your passport and photo of you